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Blend of renovate +‎ evict.


renovict (third-person singular simple present renovicts, present participle renovicting, simple past and past participle renovicted)

  1. (British Columbia) To evict (a tenant) on the grounds that a large-scale renovation is planned.
    • 2014 January 29, Andrew MacLeod, “High BC Housing Costs Weaken Economy, Drive Inequality”, in The Tyee:
      The apartment is smaller than one she had previously, from which she says she was renovicted, or forced to move so the landowner could renovate.
    • 2014 April 23, Ian Bailey, “Robertson calls five per cent rise in Vancouver homeless 'frustrating'”, in The Globe and Mail:
      “That’s a very large increase from 2011,” Mr. Robertson told reporters at a briefing about the release of preliminary numbers, noting it has been driven by such factors as delayed social-housing projects and lower shelter capacity due to less money from the province, as well as people “renovicted” from single-room-occupancy housing.
    • 2014 November 4, “Terrace city council candidate: Lucy Praught”, in Terrace Standard:
      If I were to be renovicted I would have to think about where I am going to live," she said.
    • 2015 June 19, Justin McElroy, “Renoviction roller coaster for Vancouver man ends with Pyrrhic victory”, in Global News:
      It's one of the main reasons why Vancouver had the highest homeless count it's ever had last year – because people are being renovicted from SROs.