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A building undergoing renovation


Borrowed from Latin renovatio, renovationem.



renovation (countable and uncountable, plural renovations)

  1. An act, or the process, of renovating.
    • 2017, Anru Lee and Wen-hui Anna Tang, “Gender, Popular Religion, and the Politics of Memory in Taiwan's Urban Renewal: The Case of the Twenty-Five Ladies' Tomb”, in Zayn R. Kassam, editor, Women and Asian Religions[1], ABC-CLIO, →ISBN, LCCN 2017004205, OCLC 1001959578, page 144:
      During the course, the Cijin District Office, the frontline local government unit in charge of executing the tomb's renovation, also worked hard to communicate with the deceased's families about how to redesign the space.
  2. (theology) Regeneration.

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