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  • (US) IPA(key): /ɹɪˈpju.tɪd/
    • (file)



  1. simple past tense and past participle of repute


reputed (comparative more reputed, superlative most reputed)

  1. Accorded a reputation.
    • 1902, John Buchan, The Outgoing of the Tide
      He was good to look on, brawly dressed, and with a tongue in his head that would have wiled the bird from the tree. Moreover, he was of gentle kin, and she was a poor lass biding in a cot house with an ill-reputed mother.
    • 1904, Joseph Conrad, Nostromo[1], Part 2, Chapter 1.:
      The other young ladies of Sulaco stood in awe of her character and accomplishments. She was reputed to be terribly learned and serious.
  2. Supposed or assumed to be true.
    • 1859, Charles Darwin, chapter 2, in On the Origin of Species[2]:
      Mr H. C. Watson has marked for me in the well-sifted London Catalogue of plants (4th edition) 63 plants which are therein ranked as species, but which he considers as so closely allied to other species as to be of doubtful value: these 63 reputed species range on an average over 6.9 of the provinces into which Mr Watson has divided Great Britain.