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From resistless +‎ -ly


resistlessly (not comparable)

  1. (archaic, chiefly literary) In an unresisting manner; without objection or opposition.
    • 1855, Walt Whitman, "A Song of the Rolling Earth," in Leaves of Grass:
      Embracing man, embracing all, proceed the three hundred and
      sixty-five resistlessly round the sun
    • 1879, John McElroy, Andersonville: A Story of Rebel Military Prisons, ch. 76:
      Sherman was sweeping resistlessly across the State.
    • 1913, Jack London, John Barleycorn, ch. 1:
      And by alcoholic I mean a man whose chemistry craves alcohol and drives him resistlessly to it.
    • 1921, Margaret Pedler, The Lamp of Fate, ch. 19:
      She yielded resistlessly, every fibre of her being quivering responsive to the overwhelming passion of love which had at last stormed and broken down all barriers.