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restore +‎ -able



  1. Capable of being restored or reclaimed
    • 18 March 2013, Max Davidson writing in the Daily Telegraph, Need a four-poster bed? Dormy House hotel auctions off contents
      Don’t dismiss builders’ skips. You may not find a Chippendale desk, but you might collar a restorable sofa. Always ask the builder or house owner for permission first.
    • 1724, Jonathan Swift, The Drapier’s Letters 7
      I may add that absurd practice of cutting turf without any regularity; whereby great quantities of restorable land are made utterly desperate, many thousands of cattle destroyed, the turf more difficult to come at and carry home, and less fit for burning; the air made unwholesome by stagnating pools and marshes; and the very sight of such places offensive to those who ride by.
    restorable memory


Derived terms[edit]