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From return +‎ -less.



returnless (not comparable)

  1. from (or due to) which one will not, or cannot, return (of a journey, destination, situation, distance, etc.)
    • 1845, Mrs. F. Beavan, Sketches And Tales Illustrative Of Life In The Backwoods Of New Brunswick[1]:
      Seventeen years had rolled on their returnless flight since that night of withering sorrow.
    • 1857, S. H. Hammond, Wild Northern Scenes[2]:
      They would do an immensity of labor on their returnless journey to the ocean.
    • 1872, William Still, The Underground Railroad[3]:
      You must hear the judge's decision, remorselessly giving up the woman with her children born and unborn, into the hands of their claimants--by them to be carried to the slave prison, and thence to be sold to a returnless distance from the remaining but scattered fragments of her once happy family.
  2. (of something that is gone) which will not return
    • 1895, Mary Baker Eddy, Pulpit and Press[4]:
      Pass on, returnless year!