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revelrous (comparative more revelrous, superlative most revelrous)

  1. Characterized by or engaged in boisterous merry-making.
    • 1823, Henry Fitzroy, Henry Fitzroy, the Young Midshipman, Chalmers & Collins (Glasgow), p. 74:
      She was thus quietly occupied in her own apartment, and the festivities of the party that were assembled above, were loud and revelrous.
    • 1984, Jim Moorhead, "‘Superstar’ Company Acquits Itself Well," St. Petersburg Independent, 7 Feb., p. 6B (retrieved 21 Sep. 2009):
      An hour and a half of now-revelrous, now-subdued celebration hummed along with admirable energy.
    • 1996, Fran Schumer, "Cyclists' Holiday," New York Times, 3 Nov. (retrieved 21 Sep. 2009):
      [M]y husband and I suffered in a Holiday Inn that was the scene of a revelrous post-wedding party.
    • 2006, M. G. Vassanji, When She Was Queen, ISBN 9780385661775, p. 1:
      I was, if you will, the contingent phenomenon, a potential lurking in the unholy fug of a revelrous night spun out of control.


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