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re- +‎ violate


reviolate (third-person singular simple present reviolates, present participle reviolating, simple past and past participle reviolated)

  1. To violate again.
    • 1994, Marcia Claire Inhorn, Quest for conception:
      Those polluted external intruders who cross the boundaries of her ritual sanctuary unwittingly "reviolate" her bodily boundaries with the pollutants which they exude.
    • 2007, Lorraine V. Coyne, Capital Punishment Update, →ISBN, page 92:
      Z felt most comfortable imposing the death penalty where the defendant is 'incorrigible and would reviolate if released,' and less comfortable where the defendant is found to have been 'temporarily insane.'
    • 2008, Guidance for Implementation of the AASHTO Strategic Highway Safety Plan, →ISBN:
      In this way, the state can learn which measures are most effective in ensuring that offenders do not reviolate.