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revolutionary +‎ -ness


revolutionariness (uncountable)

  1. The state or quality of being revolutionary.
    • 1958, Christopher Hill, Puritanism & Revolution: Studies in Interpretation of the English Revolution of the 17th Century, Pimlico (2001), →ISBN, unnumbered page:
      His environment and mode of life may have aligned him with the old order politically; but none can deny the revolutionariness of his method, of his criticism, the boldness of his rejections.
    • 2010, Jones Irwin, Derrida and the Writing of the Body, Ashgate (2010), →ISBN, page 55:
      It also demonstrates the innovativeness and revolutionariness of Mallarme's approach which is here being put to work by Derrida.
    • 2012, Ivana Zagorac, "St. Francis of Assisi: Bioethics in European Middle Ages", in Fritz Jahr and the Foundations of Global Bioethics: The Future of Integrative Bioethics (eds. Amir Muzur & Hans-Martin Sass), Lit (2012), →ISBN, page 74:
      The revolutionariness of St. Francis's individualistic approach is especially evident in the historical context within which it developed.