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rhomboidal (comparative more rhomboidal, superlative most rhomboidal)

  1. rhomboid, having a rhomboid shape
    • 1914, Morris Hicky Morgan, Ph.D., Ll.D., Ten Books on Architecture[1]:
      Bisect it by a line drawn diagonally from the angles, and after this bisecting bring together the outlines of the figure so that it may present a rhomboidal design, reducing it by one sixth of its length and one fourth of its breadth at the (obtuse) angles.
    • 2001 April 13, Sydney Levitus et al., “Anthropogenic Warming of Earth's Climate System”, in Science[2], volume 292, number 5515, →DOI, pages 267–270:
      The coupled model is global in domain and consists of GCMs of the atmosphere (spectral model with rhomboidal 30 truncation, corresponding to an approximate resolution of 3.75° longitude by 2.25° latitude, with 14 vertical levels) and ocean (1.875° longitude by 2.25° latitude, with 18 vertical levels).