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From Middle Irish ríam, from Old Irish rïam.



  1. ever, (with negative) never
    • By vessey e ymmyrkey na rieau.
      • He behaved worse than ever.
    • Cha daink rieau yn baase gyn leshtal.
      • Death never came without an excuse.
    • Cha dooyrt mee rieau eh.
      • I never said it.
    • Cha jagh moylley ghooinney hene rieau foddey voish.
      • A man's own praise never went far from his door.
    • Cha ren mee rieau toiggal Gaelg dy mie.
      • I never could understand Manx.
    • Daink rieau aggle ort?
      • Did you ever experience fear?
  2. always
    • Ren eh rieau cummal magh nagh ren eh eh.
      • He always maintained that he didn't do it.
    • V'eh rieau currit da ve anmagh.
      • He was a terror for always being late.
    • T'ad rieau shegin er argid.
      • They are always greedy for money.