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roastbeef (countable and uncountable, plural roastbeefs)

  1. Alternative spelling of roast beef
    • 1896, J. M. Barrie, Sentimental Tommy, The Story of His Boyhood, published 2006, page 68:
      It began one day with a series of morning calls from Shovel, who suddenly popped his head over the top of the door (he was standing on the handle), roared "Roastbeef!" in the manner of a railway porter announcing the name of a station, and then at once withdrew.
    • 1949, John Dos Passos, “In The Field”, in The Grand Design, Boston, Mass.: Houghton Mifflin Company; Cambridge, Mass.: The Riverside Press, section II (The Ship of State), page 140:
      It was already late and they had to start for Raleigh with their mouths full of roastbeef to catch the plane, leaving Sally sour and silent and greenfaced to putter in the kitchen and to keep an eye on the kids.
    • 1979, Charleen Swansea, Barbara Campbell, editors, Love Stories by New Women, page 121:
      He comes into the kitchen and cuddles your breasts while you make his roastbeef and horseradish on rye.
    • 1984, Gerda Blumenthal, Thresholds: A Study of Proust, page 9:
      Several hours of voracious reading become preludes to joyous hours spent at table devouring Ernestine-Françoise's succulent chickens, roastbeefs, asparagus, chocolate creams, or his favorite dessert, strawberries crushed in cream cheese.