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rock +‎ stardom or rock star +‎ -dom


rockstardom (uncountable)

  1. The state or quality of being a rock star.
    • 2002, Lillian Pizzichini, Dead Men's Wages, Picador (2003), ISBN 033048446X, page 197:
      They gathered outside Macari's, the musical instrument shop that specializes in amps, guitars and dreams of head-banging rockstardom.
    • 2010, Andrew Marx, Thank You Is Implied: The Annotated Smart Remarx, ISBN 9781453620670, page 13:
      Radiohead 2.0 has taken a number of innovative approaches to rockstardom, from the one-off “set your own price” digital release of In Rainbows (which is excellent by the way) to turning down an appearance at the Glastonbury festival because of potential harm to the environment.
    • 2012, Joe Oestreich, Hitless Wonder: A Life in Minor League Rock and Roll, Globe Pequot Press (2012), ISBN 9780762779246, unnumbered page:
      When church let out, Colin and I would draw up plans for rockstardom while Mrs. Gawel and my mom talked about how great it was that we boys had found something we were so dedicated to.