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roisterous +‎ -ly


roisterously (comparative more roisterously, superlative most roisterously)

  1. In a roisterous way.
    • 1872 January 1, Lippincott's Magazine of Popular Literature and Science[1], page 64:
      For at her feet, grubbing in the dirt and not a whit cleaner, crawls a fat, chubby, ink-eyed little urchin, all but nude, and chuckling roisterously with the delight of having just constructed with success a model mud-pie after the universal infantile receipt the wide world over, who glances up at its child-mother and glibly gabbles, “Mamita! mamita !" with roguish glee.
    • 1913, D.H. Lawrence, chapter 7, in Sons and Lovers:
      Yet he, too, knew all their songs, and sang them along the roads roisterously.
    • 2013, Barry Werth, The Billion-Dollar Molecule: The Quest for the Perfect Drug, page 418:
      Dispatching most of the scientists from the room with a hail of laughter that was part congratulation, part triumph, and all, in its unalloyed arrogance, roisterously appealing and charismatic, he huddled quickly with Tung, Sato, and Livingston to attack the next set of experiments []