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roupy +‎ -ly


roupily (comparative more roupily, superlative most roupily)

  1. In a manner as if affected with roup. In a hoarse or husky manner.
    • 1887, A Bernard Shaw, A. M. Gibbs, editor, Diary[1], →ISBN, page 293:
      Afterwards he went home, wrote to Jenny Patterson and 'sang a lot in spite of the cold. Very roupily.'
    • 1907, Neil Munro, chapter XXXI, in Bud: A Novel[2], Harper & Brothers, page 297:
      Chanticleers in the town crowed roupily and ruefully for months thereafter. The bridegroom might have stepped over the wall to the wedding chamber or walked []
    • 1997, Richard Matheson, “Dance of the Dead”, in I Am Legend[3], →ISBN, page 213:
      A hand stroked once at Peggy's leg and it was the hand of Popeye, the sailor man, who muttered roupily, "Olive Oyl, you is my goil."