routing number

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A routing number shown here as a "bank sort code"


routing + number




routing number (plural routing numbers)

  1. (US) An eight or nine digit number used by a banking institution to designate a certain geographic area used to direct and sort inquiries and transactions to the correct district, usually shown at the bottom left of a check
    • 1997 Uniform Commercial Code Law
    • If you voluntarily give information about your account (such as our routing number and your account number) to a party
      1999 Thomas Savings Directory
    • The eligible recipient of a routing number must be legally chartered or Licensed to collect or pay cash items such as...
      2003 Dude Where's My Country
    • Enter the financial institution's routing number and verify that
    Mom, what is a routing number? Why do I have to use some bank number instead of plastic? That would be so much easier!
    My cashiers always get confused finding the right check, account, and routing numbers because customers seldom pay with checks