routing number

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A routing number shown here as a "bank sort code"


routing + number




routing number (plural routing numbers)

  1. (US) A number used by a banking institution to designate a certain geographic area in order to sort inquiries and transactions and direct them to the correct district. It is usually shown at the bottom left of a check.
    • 2009, Martin T. Biegelman, Identity Theft Handbook: Detection, Prevention, and Security (page 202)
      This new check may appear to be the account of John Doe, although the actual account and routing number are for Jane Smith's checking account at the Acme Bank. Fraudsters then use these checks to purchase items and get cash back.
    • 2012, James Harrison, Quest for Power (page 158)
      But the odd thing is the routing numbers. In the case of the two near matching account numbers, the routing numbers are different. Possible? Maybe. But it's also possible for me to win the lottery twice in the same week []