rurban fringe

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rurban fringe (plural rurban fringes)

  1. An overlapping area between city and countryside which has some characteristics of each.
    • 1946, Walter Firey, "Ecological Considerations in Planning for Rurban Fringes," American Sociological Review, vol. 11, no. 4, p. 413,
      There exists what has come to be called the "rurban fringe," an area occupied by tar paper shacks and stately estates, large commercial farms and one-acre part-time farms, golf courses and cemeteries, airports and obnoxious industries.
    • 1976, Alice Coleman, "Is Planning Really Necessary?" The Geographical Journal, vol. 142, no. 3,p. 420,
      The rurban fringe conflict is between town and country.
    • 1989, David Rhind, "Report on the Meeting of 24 April 1989," The Geographical Journal, vol. 155, no. 3, p. 429,
      They had produced a scheme which encompassed mixtures of each, resulting in Townscape, Rurban Fringe, Farmscape, Marginal Fringe and Wildscape categories which had been derived from the high detailed land use data.