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From Latin sacrātiō (dedication, consecration).


sacration (countable and uncountable, plural sacrations)

  1. (obsolete, rare) A coronation or consecration.
    • 1890, William Arthur Shaw, Minutes of the Manchester Presbyterian Classis. [1646-1660][1]:
      He was not certain whether the pious donations of the eleventh century were sacrations to God or the Devil, but he was quite certain that the patrimony of the Crown was as much sacratum as the revenue of the Church.
    • 1976, Robert Bundy, Images of the future: the twenty-first century and beyond, page 179:
      Transcendence is the key characteristic of the sacration model — the world is suffused with the divine. Optimism is strong, since sacration is an evolutionary process.
    • 1992, Jonathan Z. Smith, To Take Place: Toward Theory in Ritual[2]:
      We do well to remember that long before "the Sacred" appeared in discourse as a substantive (a usage that does not antedate Durkheim), it was primarily employed in verbal forms, most especially with the sense of making an individual a king or bishop (as in the obsolete English verbs to sacrate or to sacre), or in adjectival forms denoting the result of the process of sacration.

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