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saddle +‎ -wise


saddlewise (not comparable)

  1. In the manner of a saddle.
    • 1832, Scottish jests and anecdotes
      "Shall I cut this loin of mutton saddlewise?" said a gentleman carving. "No," said his friend, "cut it bridlewise, for then we may all chance to get a BIT in our mouths."
    • 1896, W Sedgwick, Argon and Newton: a realisation‎
      In this case, a single atom regularly seated holds a molecule in position which has no seat, but only sits saddlewise on the iodine atom.
    • 2009, Titus Burckhardt, Art of Islam, Language and Meaning: Commemorative Edition
      Instead of a single niche mounted saddlewise in the corner walls and supporting by its vault the side of an octagon, which supported in its turn the circular base of the cupola, a number of honeycomb niches were brought together in such a way as to create a gradual transition between the corner and the dome's circular base.

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