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Alternative forms[edit]


From French sadète, apparently from Lao.


sadet (plural sadets)

  1. A type of spiritual leader or witch doctor among the Jarai people of Southeast Asia.
    • c. 1919, Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics, vol VII:
      The sadete who is most feared is the fire sadete, known especially by the savages of the Assamese slope; the water sadete exercises a less perceptible sway over the Laotian slope; the power of the wind sadete seems insignificant.
    • 1951, Norman Lewis, A Dragon Apparent, Eland 2003, p. 121:
      At Cêo-Rêo, not far from Buon Choah, are located the villages of those enigmatic personages, the Sadets, of Fire and Water, whose fearsome reputation is widespread throughout Indo-China.