sanctum santorum

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See sanctum sanctorum.


sanctum santorum (uncountable)

  1. Misspelling of sanctum sanctorum.
    • 1879, Dugan, James, Doctor Dispachemquic: a story of the Great Southern Plague of 1878, New Orleans: Clarke & Hofeline, LCCN 06034632, OL 6975122M, page 111:
      [] he observed the great and good man standing near the door of his sanctum santorum, smiling sweetly and blandly upon the assembled multitude, and giving a most gracious hearing to each applicant.
    • 2004 December 28, Mitchell, Michael, The Molly Fire, Toronto: ECW Press, ↑ISBN, OL 8548609M, page 104:
      Then doors of the sanctum santorum close with a crash. We are left drained, stunned and stupefied in the dark. Silence seeps back. The ritual is over.
    • 2008 October 22, Lamb, Brian; Swain, Susan, editors, Abraham Lincoln: Great American Historians on Our Sixteenth President, PublicAffairs, ↑ISBN, OL 25216044M, page 270:
      You walk up fifty-seven marble stairs. You open these big brass doors, and there in this sanctum santorum, this holy of holies, is this little tiny cabin.