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From sanies +‎ -ous.



sanious (comparative more sanious, superlative most sanious)

  1. Of, relating to, or discharging sanies; ichorous.
    • 1860 January, The American Medical Monthly, Volumes 13-14, page 32,
      Furthermore, I touched with the pure solution the most sanious portions, especially the portions of the bones.
    • 1861, Charles Caillault, Robert Howarth Blake (translator), A Practical Treatise on Diseases of the Skin in Children, page 198,
      The ulcers are then, also, more sanious and humid.
    • 1870 Arthur E. Durham, Diseases of the Nose, Timothy Holmes (editor), A System of Surgery: Theoretical and Practical, Volume 4, page 308,
      The discharge from the nose associated with the presence of a fibrous polypus is as a rule more scanty, and thinner, more sanious, and more liable to become foul and ozamic than the mucous discharge usually associated with the presence of the softer growths.