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Alternative forms[edit]


saphena +‎ -ous.


IPA(key): /səˈfiːnəs/


saphenous (not comparable)

  1. (anatomy) Relating to, or situated near, the saphenous vein.
    • 1996, Johannes Petres, Rainer Rompel, Perry Robins, Dermatologic Surgery, page 111,
      This problem is most critical when dealing with the entry of the great or small saphenous vein into the deep venous system.
    • 2007, R. M. Kirk, Essential General Surgical Operations[1], page 274:
      Perform the operation, which was described by Friedrich Trendelenburg (1844–1924) of Leipzig in 1890, on patients with varicose veins who have evidence of long saphenous reflux at the groin on clinical, Doppler or duplex examination. Avoid the operation if the long saphenous vein is a collateral channel for obstructed deep veins.
    • 2009, Michael M. Pavletic, Atlas of Small Animal Wound Management and Reconstructive Surgery[2], page 394:
      The reverse saphenous conduit flap incorporates branches of the saphenous artery and medial saphenous vein, which in turn supply and drain the overlying skin by means of direct cutaneous vessels.

Derived terms[edit]