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Alternative forms[edit]


savior +‎ -ism


saviorism (uncountable)

  1. Belief in a savior.
    • 2014, Joseph Isaac Abrahams, Terra Incognita: A Psychoanalyst Explores the Human Soul, page 154:
      On a universal plane, man's belief in his prospective immortality through saviorism has been breached by a theory of knowledge where he cannot accept saviorism; so he becomes responsible for himself []
  2. (sociology) A worldview according to which some people are saviors and others need to be saved by them.
    • 2016, Heather Ashley Hayes, Violent Subjects and Rhetorical Cartography in the Age of the Terror Wars
      I show how white men attempted to save brown women from brown men in colonial India. [] Spivak notes the efforts to build discourses of saviorism in thinking about Muslim women and Muslim men.

Related terms[edit]