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From German Schwerpunkt (center of gravity, focal point, focus), from schwer (heavy) + Punkt (point).



schwerpunkt (plural schwerpunkts)

  1. (military) main point, main target; point upon which the most effort is concentrated (e.g. during an attack)
    • 2006 June 12, Terry Sweetman, “Kim Finds a Sore Point”, in The Courier-Mail, Brisbane:
      Should it be the schwerpunkt of Labor's attack or will it be an unproductive dilution of forces?
    • 2004 June 25, Meir Ronnen, “Happy Families?”, in The Jerusalem Post, Jerusalem:
      In the only arty shot, the Dalai Lama, seen in silhouette, sits at the schwerpunkt of a Mondrian-like composition."
    • 2012 April 23, Mark Tarver, “finding the schwerpunkt”, in Google[1], retrieved 2012-09-25:
      The schwerpunkt must be an application for which Shen is ideally suited; one where its unique strengths will make it difficult to mount any effective opposition to our advance and which we can develop quickly.