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Late Latin scortation-, from Latin scortat-, the past participle stem of scortari (associate with prostitutes), from scortum (prostitute).


  • IPA(key): /skɔːˈteɪʃən/


scortation (countable and uncountable, plural scortations)

  1. (obsolete) lewdness, fornication
    • 1556, John Knox, Answers to Some Questions Concerning Baptism, etc.:
      Heirof I suppois it be plane, that the precept to absteane from blude, gevin be the Apostill, was temporall and not perpetuall; for uthirwayis the Halie Gaist, speiking oftin of the libertie of the Gentillis, wald have restraynit and exceptit it, as he hath done scortatioun, whilk in the same degree is expressit, and licentious and filthie communicatioun, whilk the Gentillis estemeit na or small synnis.
    • 1768, “Concerning Scortatory Love”, in The delights of wisdom concerning conjugial love, translation of Deliciae Sapientiae de Amore Conjugiali by Emanuel Swedenborg, published 1794, 466 (IV):
      That it is a scortation [transl. scortatio] more opposite to conjugal love than the common scortation [transl. scortatio], which is called simple adultery; and that it is a deprivation of every faculty and inclination to conjugal life, which is implanted in christians from nativity, may be evinced by arguments which will have great weight with the reason of a wise man.

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