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Blend of scrumptious +‎ yummy



scrummy (comparative scrummier, superlative scrummiest)

  1. (childish or colloquial, Britain) delicious
    • 1930, Ralph Hale Mottram, The English Miss
      Of course one did get some scrummy things to eat abroad, that cook did not, somehow, produce at home; and the people looked different []
    • 2004, Alan Murphy, Scotland
      There's an all day menu, with lots of fish dishes such as fish soup, tuna, and monkfish. Pudding might include a scrummy rosemary panacotta.
    • 2006, Julie Wilson, Our Spanish Winters
      After mopping up the last bits with my scrummy nan breads we settled down to watch the DVD of "The Two Towers" from "Lord of the Rings" []