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sculduggery (countable and uncountable, plural sculduggeries)

  1. Alternative spelling of skulduggery
    • 1873 June 3, Barnabas Burns; J. G. Adel, official reporter, “Fourteenth Day”, in Official Report of the Proceedings and Debates of the Third Constitutional Convention of Ohio, Assembled in the City of Columbus, on Tuesday, May 13, 1873, volume I, Cleveland, Oh.: W. S. Robison & Co., printers to the Convention, [], OCLC 1039358341, page 163, column 2:
      Mr. BURNS wanted to hear from the gentleman from Logan on his amendment, to see whether there was any "sculduggery" about it.
    • 1941, Norman Cousins, editor, Saturday Review, volume 24, New York, N.Y.: Saturday Review Associates, ISSN 0036-4983, OCLC 905082202, page 6:
      And you, O student, might do worse than to investigate the assorted sculduggeries of this obscure trio: []