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Alternative forms[edit]


sea +‎ cave


seacave (plural seacaves)

  1. A cave that is in or under the sea.
    • 1879, Henry James, Confidence, Chapter 21,[1]
      He took long walks, rambled on the beach, along the base of the cliffs and among the brown sea-caves []
    • 1929, Thomas Wolfe, Look Homeward, Angel, New York: Scribner, Chapter 7, p. 64,[2]
      Her memory moved over the ocean-bed of event like a great octopus, blindly but completely feeling its way into every seacave, rill, estuary []
    • 1934, C. L. Moore, “Black Thirst” in Martin H. Greenberg (ed.), A Taste for Blood: Fifteen Great Vampire Novellas, New York: Barnes & Noble, 1992, p. 179,[3]
      He stepped into a room green as a seacave.
    • 1978, Andrew Holleran, Dancer from the Dance, New York: New American Library, Chapter 5, p. 140,[4]
      [] they wandered into the park where we sat on a bench in the chilly darkness watching the silhouettes float around like sharks in that dark seacave of erotic love.