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A conflation of search with look up


search up

  1. (rare, nonstandard) To obtain information about something from a source (chiefly electronic or print sources).
    Synonyms: consult, look up
    • 1909 October 22, “Suggestions for the construction of chemical laboratories”, in Science, volume 30, number 773, American Association for the Advancement of Science, OCLC 53849218, page 551:
      The losing of keys can be largely prevented by requiring the use of key chains attached to the bunch of keys and also by informing the student that they are charged one dollar each if lost. They have the advantage that they are much more easily opened, while if the combination be forgotten the instructor has to search it up in the records.
    • 1998 June 23, C&H Wood, “Re: harp playing & carpal tunnel”, in, Usenet[1]:
      I recommend a booklet by Laurie Riley on preventing harp related injury - can't remember the title just now but I'll try to search it up.
    • 2017 October 5, John Hodgman, The Daily Show with Trevor Noah[2]:
      So, there I am on a popular retail website searching up tiki torches and seriously, I'm like, Why are all these tiki torches sold out? . . . This is very strange. This was the Wednesday before Charlottesville.