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Related to secō (cut) and Proto-Slavic *sekyra (axe). Compare also how in spite of the continuation of secūris in Spanish as segur one keeps from the verb a segadera with a similar meaning.



secūris f (genitive secūris); third declension

  1. an axe, hatchet with a broad edge


Third-declension noun (i-stem, accusative singular in -im or occasionally -em, ablative singular in or -e).

Case Singular Plural
Nominative secūris secūrēs
Genitive secūris secūrium
Dative secūrī secūribus
Accusative secūrim
Ablative secūrī
Vocative secūris secūrēs


Derived terms[edit]


  • Romanian: secure
  • Romansch: sigir, siir, sagir, sieir, sgür
  • Sardinian: segura, segure, seguri, sigura
  • Spanish: segur
    • Andalusian Arabic: شُقُور(šuqūṛ, axe)
    • Moroccan Arabic: شَاقُور(šāqūṛ, šāqōṛ, adze of a carpenter; hatchet)
      • Central Atlas Tamazight: šaquṛ (axe); pl. šwaqw
        • Central Atlas Tamazight: tašaquṛt (small axe, hatchet); pl. tašaquṛin
    • Algerian Arabic: شَاقُور(šāqūṛ, šāqōṛ, adze of a carpenter; hatchet)
        • Algerian Arabic: شَاقُورَة(šāqūṛa, šāqōṛa, small axe, hatchet)
    • Tunisian Arabic: شَقُور ,شَاقُور(šāqūr, šaqūr, adze of a carpenter; hatchet)
    • Egyptian Arabic: شَقُورَة(šaʾūṛa, adze for agricultural purposes)
  • Venetian: sigureto


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