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sedulous +‎ -ly.


sedulously (comparative more sedulously, superlative most sedulously)

  1. Applying constant and enduring effort to a task or course of action; in a sedulous manner.
    • 1827, Maria Elizabeth Budden, Nina, An Icelandic Tale, page 15:
      When the neighbours saw Mirbel thus sedulously adorning herself, they quickly discovered that she had ceased to think of her father—that she had ceased to mourn for him.
    • 1914, Joyce, James, Dubliners, "An Encounter":
      We bought some biscuits and chocolate which we ate sedulously as we wandered through the squalid streets where the families of the fishermen lived.
    • 1980, Douglas, William O., The Court Years 1939–1972:
      That court would sedulously avoid meeting contentious issues and would sit in resplendent dignity aloof from the issues of the day.