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semi- +‎ smile


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semi-smile (plural semi-smiles)

  1. A faint smile.
    • 2004, Susan M. Kirschbaum, Frills and Chills, The New York Observer
      She curled her pink lips upward in a shy semi-smile.
    • 1874, Mrs. Macquoid, Appletons' Journal: Volume 12, D. Appleton & Co., page 623
      I saw him glance at his wife, and she gave a semi-smile of approval.
  2. A suppressed or forced smile.
    • 2008, Charles H. Sylvester, Journeys Through Bookland, Volume 7, Wildside Press, page 34
      He stood looking at nothing in particular, with the blushing, awkward air and semi-smile which are common to shy boys when in company, -- very much as if they had come into the world by mistake, and found it in a degree of undress that was quite embarrassing.