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several +‎ -ize


severalize (third-person singular simple present severalizes, present participle severalizing, simple past and past participle severalized)

  1. (transitive) To distinguish; to make or treat as several.
    • 1624, Hall, Bishop Joseph, “Introductory”, in The Peace-Maker, section 3: "On the Fundamental Points of Religion"; republished in Josiah Pratt, editor, The Works of the Right Reverend Father in God Joseph Hall, D.D., volume 8, London: C. Whittingham, 1808, page 49:
      [] there is one and the same Church of Christ, however far disterminate in places, however segregated and infinitely severalized in persons, however differing in rites and circumstances of worship, however squaring in by-opinion.
    • 1863 April 1, “Review XII”, in The British and Foreign Medico-Chirurgical Review, reviewing Elements of Military Hygiene (Elementos de Hygiene Militar) by J[ose] A[ntonio] Marques, 1854, pages 388–389:
      The scanty and montonous diet of the soldier, the difficult country, hot summer, and miasmata, with the familiar instances of Montpelier and Ehrenbreitstein in our memories, suggest to us a community of cause more then sufficient, and only unsatisfactory from a want of definiteness. But is this amblyopia, as described in medical works, a pathological entity? such opposite causes would seem to indicate difference in morbid seat and condition. Are there two affections? Can science severalize them?
    • 1891, Bancroft, Hubert Howe, “A Literary Workshop”, in Literary Industries, page 136:
      And before authorship could begin a magic wand must be waved over the assembled products of ten thousand minds, which would severalize what each had said on all important topics and reduce the otherwise rebellious mass to form and system.