shalwar kameez

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Alternative forms[edit]


From Hindustani सलवार क़मीज़ (salvār qamīz) / سلوار قمیص (salvār qamīs), from Sindhi, from قمیص from Arabic


  • IPA(key): /ˈsʌlvɒː kəˈmiːs/


shalwar kameez

  1. an outfit worn by men and women in South Asian countries, with its origins in Sindh, comprising loose trousers and a long shirt
    • 2002: Basir tended to wear a beige suede parka over his shalwar kameez. — James Meek, in London Review of Books, 3 January 2002
    • 2004: But the clientele that morning was mainly veiled wives in black burkas and bearded men wearing shalwar kameezThe New Yorker, 13 December 2004, p.52