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Alternative forms[edit]


From Yiddish שאַנדע (shande), from Middle High German schande, schante, from Old High German scanta, skanta, from Proto-West Germanic *skandu (shame). Doublet of shand.


shanda (plural shandas)

  1. (Jewish) Shame; disgrace.
    • 2011, Teddy Bart, Shadow Seduction, →ISBN, page 171:
      A shanda is humiliation and embarrassment one's misdeed suffers upon one's family. In our faith, a shanda is a terrible sin.
    • 2012, Allegra Goodman, Kaaterskill Falls, →ISBN:
      They don't learn about their heritage. They don't learn about Israel. It's a shanda.
    • 2015, Eugene Sierras, Beyond El Camino Del Diablo: Beyond the Devil's Highway, →ISBN:
      My parents are Orthodox Jews. To them, intermarriage is considered a shanda.