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shetar (plural shetars)

  1. Alternative form of starr
    • 1887, The Athenaeum[1], page 706:
      The first fasciculus will contain the shetars (Juden-schreinsbuch) preserved in the archives of Cologne, a similar publication to that prepared on behalf of the Anglo-Jewish Exhibition Committee.
    • 1983, Georgetown Law Journal, volume 71, page 1189:
      Taken together, the coincident circumstances of the Jews' relation to the King, the then unique form of relief afforded them by their shetars, and certain peculiarities in the wording of the early writs all suggest that the Jews contributed in herertofore unexplained ways to the development of the early write of debt.
    • 2014, Boris Kozolchyk, Comparative Commercial Contracts[2]:
      However, without presenting a shetar, A, not the heirs of B, had the burden to prove the presence of goods that belonged to him and the absence of a profit distribution.