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shife (comparative more shife, superlative most shife)

  1. (African-American Vernacular) Aggressive-looking, tough.
    • 1991, “Nasty Bitch”, performed by Bust Down:
      And he knew he was shife, he knew he was hype.
    • 1996, “One Day”, performed by UGK (Chad Butler and Bernard Freeman):
      Niggas be lookin' shife, so I look shife back.
    • 1998, “Betrayal”, in Moment of Truth, performed by Gang Starr:
      Why'd the game have to go and take the young boy's life / Only the wicked live shife, payin' the price
    • 2004, “Let Me Live”, performed by Trae (Frazier Thompson III):
      Let me live my life, y'all know y'all ain't right. / Niggas be so shife, can I do one thang.