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Alternative forms[edit]


shirt +‎ sleeve


shirtsleeve (plural shirtsleeves)

  1. Alternative form of shirt sleeve
    • 1996 July, Mark Anthony Rolo, “Brown Faces in blue uniforms”, in Journal of American Indian Higher Education, volume 7, number 1:
      The patches on their shirtsleeves read, "Tribal Law Enforcement."
    • 2004, Louise Wareham, Since You Ask, →ISBN, page 140:
      He pulled me to a pillar, pushing up my shirtsleeve and looking again at the skin in the crook of my arm.
    • 2014 summer, Thomas G. Matyók, Hannah Rose Mendoza, & Cathryne Schmitz, “Deep analysis: Designing complexity into our understanding of conflict”, in InterAgency Journal, volume 5:
      The desire to roll-up shirtsleeves and get down to work tackling conflict and violence is certainly laudable; however, the desire for action cannot be allowed to push analysis out of the peacebuilding process.