shit disturber

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Alternative forms[edit]


shit disturber (plural shit disturbers)

  1. (Canada, vulgar) A person who causes needless difficulties or distress for others; a troublemaker.
    • 2008 June 2, Leah Collins, “Gonzales has Soft Power, not star power”, in, retrieved 17 Feb. 2009:
      "To be a fan of Gonzales is to be disappointed often," he says. "It's to be someone who maybe loves the piano album and then goes to a show and is like ‘Why is this guy spitting on us? Why is this guy climbing all over us?’" . . . . "I just have a complicated personality," he adds. "I'm a shit disturber."
  2. (Canada, vulgar) A person who voices or encourages a viewpoint opposed to the status quo; an iconoclast.
    • 2007 February 8, John Lucas, “D.O.A.’s punk veterans won’t give up the fight”, in Georgia Straight, Vancouver, Canada, retrieved 17 February 2009:
      The band’s leader, Joe “Shithead” Keithley, shows no signs of slowing down. . . . He’s still an unapologetic shit-disturber, but it’s evident that the veteran antiauthoritarian is turning into something akin to (gasp!) a respected authority figure.
    • 1973, The Social Worker: Le Travailleur Social, vv 41-42, p 205:
      You can last longer as a shit disturber if you can locate fellow unbureaucrats within the system.
    • 1969: Canadian Press, “Anti-religious: CYC trainee kicked out because of ‘allegiance with God,’ in Ottawa Citizen, 1969-11-14, p 5:
      “We were to be ‘shit disturbers.’” Those who suggested conventional approaches were told to get out of the CYC.