shit off

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shit off (third-person singular simple present shits off, present participle shitting off, simple past and past participle shat off)

  1. (Britain, vulgar) fuck off
    • 1966, William Sansom, Goodbye: A Novel[1], page 162:
      'Oh, shit off!' she shouted.
    • 1984, Lynn Davies, Pupil Power: Deviance and Gender in School[2], →ISBN, page 13:
      One girl was incensed at finding herself in the support unit one day because she was reported to have told a teacher to ' shit off ' when she claimed she had 'only' responded 'shut up.'
    • 2006, Keith Blackburn, Grandma's Garden[3], →ISBN, page 55:
      Well, bloody well take 'em and shit off.
  2. (Australian slang, vulgar, transitive) annoy
    • (Can we date this quote?) (Please provide the book title or journal name):
      Old lady'd be shat off if she knew I was just around the corner.
    • 1998, Rod McLean, Eric and Ian Get a Life[4], →ISBN, page 22:
      The three of them decided they would go camping at the Cotter reserve and, just to shit them off, Eric and I said we would go too.
    • 2005, Christos Tsiolkas, Dead Europe, page 252,
      There was no English on it. It was all Hebrew script and I remember it shat me off that I couldn't read it.
    • 2006, Tim Winton, Big World, The Turning: Stories, page 2,
      It's not hosing blood that shits me off – it's Angelus itself; I'm going nuts here.