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the shoegear on a British Rail Class 313 is highlighted red (shoebeam) and dark blue (pickup shoe).


From shoe +‎ gear



shoegear (uncountable)

  1. (rail transport) train equipment, usually mounted on bogies, used to transfer electric current from the third rail.
    • 1995, Colin J. Kirkland, “Locomotives”, in Engineering the Channel Tunnel[1], →ISBN, page 190:
      In the third case, the need to provide retractable shoegear on the power bogies to pick up current from teh third rail, and teh equipment to use low-voltage supply, has complicated the design of the Eurostar trains.
    • 2003, P. Hinde and J. Thompson, “Commissioning”, in International Conference on New Trains: 4-5 June 2003 at Le Meridien, York, UK[2], volume 2003 IMechE conference transactions, published 2004, →ISBN, The train operator's view of new train introduction, page 51:
      Here shoegear and stepboards are refitted prior to a commissioning run conducted by the manufacturer which includes high speed and emergency brake tests.
    • 2006, Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Environmental Audit Committee, quoting DJ Hartland, Reducing carbon emissions from transport: Oral and written evidence[3], →ISBN, London Underground Power Supplies. Electric Current Flow in Conductor Rails. Savings in Energy with Low Loss Rail, page 286:
      The trains run on two addtional rails and pick up current by means of shoegear making sliding contact with the conductor rails.