shop steal

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Alternative forms[edit]


shop +‎ steal


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shop steal (third-person singular simple present shop steals, present participle shop stealing, simple past shop stole, past participle shop stolen)

  1. (Australia) To shoplift.
    If you detect a person shop stealing, report it to the police.
    • 1983, John A. Seymour, Juvenile Justice in South Australia, page 15,
      For example, shop stealing cases of the kind already described are regularly dealt with at the scene and, afterwards, at a police station without any involvement of parents or guardians.
    • 2001 April 25, Doggy, “Bag Search Refusal”, in, Usenet[1-25]:
      I have also in the past had court orders taken out on our known shop stealing customers to prevent them from entering my store.


Derived terms[edit]