shower of shit

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shower of shit (plural showers of shit)

  1. (pejorative) A mass of something.
    It looks likes we're in for a shower of shit.
    • 1966, Patrick Dennis, Tony:
      Terribly big name of course, but the writing . . . well, I'm afraid it isn't . . . well, to be quite candid about it, it's a perfect shower of shit. Pity.
    • 1989, P. J. O'Rourke, Holidays in hell:
      The whole month here has been one long shower of shit about America, just because we took a punch at the Libyans.
  2. (pejorative) An individual or group.
    You shower of shit don't have the right to wear a uniform.
    • 1977, Archie Hill, A cage of shadows:
      For Christ's sake, lay off one another - do you hear? You fucking miserable shower of shit.
    • 2006, Nick Talevski, Knocking on Heaven's Door: Rock Obituaries, page 619:
      Never again would the Stones hear his immortal, “Come on my little showers of shit, you're on,” as he herded them towards the stage of some gigantic auditorium.
    • 2009, Larry Harrison, Glimpses of a Floating World, page 21:
      'Right, lad, stand up! You're going up to A2 landing.' Ronnie was slow to respond, so the screw dragged him to his feet, shouting as though they were on a parade ground. 'Come along, come along! Move yourself, you steaming shower of shit!'