shurely shome mishtake

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Eye dialect spelling of surely some mistake. Originally coined by Private Eye in imitation of the slurred speech of a drunken editor, or of the lisping Daily Telegraph editor Bill Deedes.


shurely shome mishtake

  1. (Britain, informal) Highlights a mistake, actual or perceived, which the writer feels is ironic or humorous.
    • 1990, Congress for Cultural Freedom, Encounter, volume 74, page 40:
      [They] were overwhelmed by the buffet, consisting of a "huge bowel [shurely shome mishtake?] of great pink shrimps balanced on their heads, guarded by a three foot ice swan"
    • 1997, John McKean, “Hard to see what's in front of your eyes”, in The Architect's Journal, volume 206, page 27:
      The letter in AI 2.10.97 re the Philips Pavilion makes me wonder again why that 'experience' (copyright PM Millennium Inc) was so easily hated - and panned again by your reviewer. Why, only a few weeks ago your 'Mayo' called it 'Corbusier's Swiss Pavilion'. Shurely shome mishtake?
    • 2004, Paul Blezard, “Binge and Drive”, in New Scientist, number 2464:
      Surely this was worthy of comment, if not a headline: "UK drink-driving limit allows binge drinking - shurely shome mishtake?"
    • 2006 September 13, Mark Oliver, “The Wrap - No Love Lost”, in The Guardian[1]:
      The Star also reports: "A public farewell is being planned next week in Brisbane's football stadium to accommodate all his millions of fans." The Wrap is not sure how big the stadium is, but thinks this might be a case of shurely shome mishtake?

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