sibling fucker

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sibling +‎ fucker


sibling fucker (plural sibling fuckers)

  1. (vulgar) Motherfucker (generic term of abuse).
    • 2001, rick, Re: Lindros hit Group:
      Has nothing to do with bandwith, you sibling fucker.
    • 2004, trafferty, Re: Birthday Blues :-( Group: alt.horror
      Now, go back to banjo pickin' on the front porch you rotten-toothed sibling fucker.
  2. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see sibling,‎ fucker.
    • 2006, addinall, Re: If I was an Iraqi, I'd chop fat pig wood's head off Group:
      It seems that only half of all Americans are brain damaged sibling fuckers