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From sibling +‎ -hood. Compare brotherhood, sisterhood, etc.


siblinghood (uncountable)

  1. The state of being a sibling.
    • 2010, Alyssa Chmura, in Siblings: The Autism Spectrum Through Our Eyes (eds. Anne Van Rensselaer & Jane Johnson), Jessica Kingsley Publishers (2010), →ISBN, page 36:
      Another part of my character is my need for organization and my love of lists, so I've decided to include, along with my reflections on siblinghood, a list of things to remember when dealing with a sibling with autism.
    • 2011, Marlene F. Watson & Monica McGoldrick, "Practice With Siblings in a Cultural Context", in Sibling Development: Implications for Mental Health Practitioners (ed. Jonathan Caspi), Springer (2011), →ISBN, page 59:
      A family's ethnic identity may determine whether siblings are close, distant, or created equal (Leder, 1991) and the meaning of the siblinghood.
    • 2011, Eric Lundberg, A Life Well Lived: The Jennifer Paulson Story, AuthorHouse (2011), →ISBN, page 28:
      Three truly was company for the Paulson children as they embarked on the adventure of siblinghood.