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side-effect (plural side-effects)

  1. Alternative spelling of side effect


side-effect (third-person singular simple present side-effects, present participle side-effecting, simple past and past participle side-effected)

  1. To alter as a side effect.
    • 1980, W. de Moor, H. R. Wijngaarden, Psychotherapy, research and training, page 147:
      Furthermore, we are on the look-out for pre-conditions for good therapy - so as to prevent the unintended bad therapy: but our efforts are duly side-effected by lack of control over such preconditions.
    • 2002, Asian Symposium on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation:
      Local objects can further be distinguished by whether or not they are escaping from the execution of m, and non-local objects can be further distinguished by whether or not they are side-effected by a visible side-effect during the execution of m:
    • 2012, Robert L. Constable, Alexandra Silva, Logic and Program Semantics:
      Hence, side-effecting the environment is equivalent to collaborating with an autonomous co-robot.