side cast

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side cast (third-person singular simple present side casts, present participle side casting, simple past side casted, past participle side cast)

  1. Alternative form of sidecast
    • 2001, Central and Southern Florida Project, Water Preserve Areas, Broward: Environmental Impact Statement:
      The Comprehensive Plan indicated that material excavated from the canals would be side casted and shaped along side the canal.


side cast (countable and uncountable, plural side casts)

  1. Alternative form of sidecast
    • 2007, Tom Rosenbauer, Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide, →ISBN:
      When you false-cast with a side cast, your 9:00-to-1:00 power strokes can be nearly parallel to the water instead of perpendicular to it.
    • 2009, Simon Gawesworth, Single-Handed Spey Casting, →ISBN, page 126:
      The side cast has many uses; probably the most common is when you are faced with an overhanging tree and need to get your fly underneath—hopefully because there is a large fish there!