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Alternative forms[edit]


From side +‎ lock.


sidelock (plural sidelocks)

  1. A lock of hair worn at the side of the head.
    • 2014, Paul Salopek, Blessed. Cursed. Claimed., National Geographic (December 2014)[1]
      Its male residents dress like crows: heavy black suits, black Borsalino hats, the old grandfathers hugely whiskered and the boys in peot, the curled sidelocks of the pious.
    • 2002, Colin Jones, The Great Nation, Penguin 2003, p. 558:
      observation of the Sabbath (rather than the décadi) and the wearing of Jewish side-locks and beards were regarded as ‘uncivic’ offences.
  2. payess / payot
  3. (firearms) The design of a gun that has the lockwork mounted to the inside of a plate; compare boxlock.


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